Why Kerman?

Kerman is located in the southeastern part of Iran on the margin of Lut Desert, the only UNESCO natural site of Iran. The city is surrounded by mountains and desert so it offers many natural attractions such as thermal and mineral springs, lakes and special desert features. [Good] In addition to all these natural wonders, Kerman is famous for its long history and cultural heritage dating back to the third century AD. Kerman is the city of pistachio, cumin, carpet, copper, coal, and caravanserais.  Stay overnight in desert camps and sleep under the desert sky with a view of the Milky Way galaxy – an unforgettable picture

Some reasons that have made Kerman one of the must-see cities of Iran:

  • One of the oldest civilization centres in Iran
  • The hottest place on Earth
  • 2,000 years old ancient abandoned citadels such asBam and Rayen
  • The largest producer of Persian handmade carpets and Pistachio
  • The most Iranian heritage sites in UNESCO’s list
  • And the rocky village of Meymand which is one of the four oldest surviving villages in Iran

Last Words

Should you travel to Iran, you have to travel to Kerman as well. Surely like any other city in Iran, Kerman makes you surprised; and, you will have unforgettable experiments.

Kerman in a Glance


821,374 (2011)


185 km2


Southeast of Iran


1,755 m (5,758 ft.)


Desert climate

Avg Annual Temprature

27.2 °C. (July, Warmest) 4.7 °C. (January, Coldest)

Kerman Top Attractions

kerman Jabaliyeh Dome

Jabaliyeh Dome

Jabaliyeh Dome is known locally as Gonbad-e Jabaliyeh. Although the architectural elements of the dome have been inspired from the Sassanide period it is not

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kerman Moayedi Ice-House

Moayedi Ice-House

This ice-house, Yakhchal in Persian, is an adobe structure that was built in the  17th century for storing ice. It has a beautiful cone shape. There are several

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What to buy in Kerman

(Kerman Souvenirs and handicrafts)
Kerman Carpet

Kerman Carpet

Kerman Carpet is famous due to its combination of color and design, more than anything else. Kerman Carpet is one of the most magnificent, beautiful,

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This traditional pastry is in fact a kind of cookie. It is mainly different because of ingredients they put inside it. A mixture of date

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This food product is made in powder form. According to old traditions still prevailing in some regions, Ghaout is served to women giving birth to

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What to eat in Kerman

Bozghormeh Stock

Bozghormeh Stock

Abgoosht-e (stock) Bosghormeh or Kermani is one of local foods in Kerman which is very poular. This delicious local food is made of split peas,

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Kerman Top Hotels

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