Kish Island

Where is located?

It is another tourist island of Iran in Persian Gulf and Hormozgan province. It has 16 length and 7/5 width with the area of around 90 square meter and population of 24819 based on the census of 2011.


The weather in Kish is warm and humid and the level of rainfall is too low.

Life style? 

Its citizen’s main job is fishing, sailing, trading and ranching.


Palm, Ziziphus, Prosopis caldenia and some other local plants and trees.


  • Harira ancient city
  • Greek ship
  • Underground city of Kariz with its Qantas
  • Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Dolphinarium

What has made Kish as the main tourist attractions of Iranians is that Kish Island is a free zone and so has numerous shopping centers and malls and attract many passengers from all around the country.

Also, all foreign nationals even British, American and Canadian nationals can travel to Kish island without needing to have visa and having guide with themselves.

Also, by having facilities such as:

  • Cycling roads
  • Beach parks
  • Coral & sand beaches
  • Diving

Bird’s garden besides other recreational facilities has ,has made kish a nice resort for Iranians  so that cultural and tourism organization has  selected as the fourth tourist destination in south west Asia .

By having about 1 million annual visitors, New York Times, ranked Kish as top ten world’s most beautiful islands in 2010 and after Dubai , UAE and  Sharm el-sheikh , it is the fourth vacation destination in South west of Asia.

When to go?

Late September till March