Kashan is a city of amazing traditional houses and sharbat khane (houses of  local drinks). An ancient town that is located on the edge of Iran’s central desert, South of Tehran and north of Isfahan. This old town based on the excavations done in Teppe Sialk, is one of the oldest centers of civilization from pre-historic ages.

This desert town with its warm weather is the center of rose water in Iran and even the world, famous for its carpet in addition to its old houses which are architectural masterpieces.

Umeå in Sweden and Kazanlak in Bulgaria are sister cities of kashan.

Kashan has so much to present that we are sure you will enjoy your visit.:

  • You will see the traditional houses of Kashan that you won’t see in any other parts of Iran or the world. Traditional houses with amazing architecture.
  • Kashan carpet weaving is famous in the world. It has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010
  • Although it is located just next to desert, you can see one of the most beautiful gardens of Iran in Kashan, Bagh-e-Finn, which creates a really unique contrast.

Top Kashan Attractions

the the garden and bath houses of FinnFinn Bath and garden (Bagh-e-Finn): Finn is the name of a Persian garden that includes the Finn bath too. It is one of Iran’s national attractions and also is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although Kashan is located just beside the Iran central desert and its climate is dry, they have a small paradise. Finn has historical importance for Iranian too since their favorite chancellor, Amir Kabir, was killed here by the order of Nasereddin Shah, a Qajarid king .

the traditional bazaar of Kashaan is home to beautiful iranian tile workKashan traditional Bazaar: Another historical attraction that has remained from the Seljuks era is this bazaar. It had been an important commercial center during the Sassanid era as well as during the Safavid era. Many tourists have named it as a masterpiece of Iran and Kashan town. It has a 3 km length roofed bazaar with 40 historical structures that include caravanserais and several arches.

Iranian Architectural Masterpiece Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan IranAgha Bozorg Mosque: A large old mosque and theological school in an old part of the town. It has a beautiful appearance and symmetrical design, a Hashti (the space behind doorway in Iranian traditional  architecture), two iwans, a central courtyard with a garden and a fountain,  and a forty column shabistan has caused this mosque to be introduced as the best example of Persian architecture of mid-19th century .




The classic iranian bath house Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath kashan iranSultan Amir Ahmad Bath: Another historical attraction of Iran and Kashan town is this bath that dates back to the Qajar dynasty. In old Iran five structures have had special importance in each city: the bath, the water reservoir, the bazaar, the mosque and the house have made up these five important elements. This bath house consists of two small and big bath houses. It has the most beautiful roof in Iran. A structure in domical shape and Convex lens that beside providing light for the bath, while preventing from being seen inside from outside.

the house of the Tabatabai family in Kashan iranAbbasian house: One of the most beautiful traditional houses of Iran that is a real masterpiece of Iran and Islamic architecture so that has been selected for receiving the award of most beautiful architecture of Iran. It consists of six buildings and courtyards that have been changed to five separate houses after the owner had died. It has an artistic architecture with amazing decoration, molding, painting and Islamic architecture style that is known as “Godal baghche”. In this style, the construction is built lower than the level of the alley.

an example of iranian architecture at its best Boroujerdiha houseBoroujerdiha house: It is another beautiful traditional house that is located in Sultan Mir Ahmad district of kashan. Seyd Mehdi Natanzi, was the owner of this beautiful house and Ali Maryam Kashani is its architect. Building Andarooni courtyard took around 7 years and the main talar 11 years. This house has beautiful moldings and very precious paintings that were painted a the famous painter of Iran .i.e Sani-ol-Molk. UNESCO has selected this house as the favorite tourist attraction in 2015 and 21016.

the worlds oldest settlement or house Tepe Sialk in kashan iranTepe Sialk (Sialk historical hill): It is a large ancient archeological site and a real symbol of Aryan Nation art which was based on a joint excavation of Louvre museum, Francais de Recherche en Iran Institute and Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization, it has been determined as the oldest settlement dating back to 5500–6000 BC. It consists of two hills, northern and southern, or A and B cemetery with the being 3500 and 300 years old respectively.