Why Yazd?

Yazd, the “Noble city” of Marco Polo, is an ancient city with a history of over 5,000 years dating back to the Median Empire. Yazd is one of the important cities of the Silk Road called “the bride of the desert” with a completely arid climate. It has lots of cultural, historical and natural attractions which caused the whole city to be considered in the tentative list of UNESCO. Yazd is a famous symbol of Persian architecture for its unique wind catchers, essential for hot areas, and magnificent tile works of the mosques and minarets.  Wandering around and getting lost in the maze of ancient narrow streets is a bliss that travelers always talk about after their visit. Another highlight of this city is the Zoroastrian sites. You can see the symbol of Zoroastrianism, Faravahar, everywhere in the town.

Some reasons that has made Yazd as one of the must-see cities of Iran:

  • Considered as the second historic city in the world by UNESCO with unique architecture
  • Being the home of Zoroastrian culture
  • Known as the magnificent mud-brick old town
  • Having picturesque buildings hidden behind  walls from busy streets
  • Producing high quality handicrafts, especially silk weaving and famous traditional sweets
  • Being the hub of Muharram rituals in Iran
  • Having lots of unique villages and towns such as Kharanaq, Saryazd, Meybod and Mehriz

Last Words

The most distinguished characteristic of Yazd City is its architecture specific to desert areas. City of badgirs (wind-chatchers) is the first mud brick (adobe) city in the world and second historical city of the world, after Venice in Italy. These characteristics are considered as justifiable reasons as for not missing the opportunity to travel to the city.

Yazd in a Glance


486,152 (2011)


76,156 km2


Center of Iran


1,216 m


Hot desert

Avg Annual Temprature

31.7 °C. ( July, Warmest ) 6.3 °C. ( January , Coldest )

Yazd Top Attractions

yazd Tower of Silence

Tower of Silence

Going on the views of travelers the most fascinating Zoroastrian site is the Tower of Silence known as Gur Dakhmeh among the locals. Tower of Silence is located outside the

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yazd Jame Mosque

Jame Mosque

The Yazd’s Jame Mosque is visible from all around the Old Town. The mosque is a charming symbol of Persian-Islamic architecture with its elegant blue-mosaic

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yazd Fire Temple

Fire Temple

Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion from about 3500 years ago. It was the principal religion in Iran before the Islamic conquests, and it still lives on in

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yazd Old Town

Old Town

The inhabited Old Town in Yazd is famous for its narrow winding alleys with arches, the best possible protection against the summer sun, and is a delight of any

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What to buy in Yazd

(Yazd Souvenirs and handicrafts)
Meybod Pottery

Meybod Pottery

One of the main origins of producing clay and ceramic potteries in Iran is Meybod, in Yazd Province. Paintings on Meybod potteries are worth seeing,

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What to eat in Yazd

Yazd Top Hotels

Silk Road Hotel Yazd

Silk Road Hotel

The 3-star Silk Road hotel is a traditional house located in heart of Yazd. Jameh Mosque is just 100 meters away. The rooftop of this

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