Why Tehran?

Although, Tehran is imagined as a crowded and polluted metropolis that has no beauty and attractions this city has another face, too: 

Tehran is a well-designed modern city full of cultural attractions, parks, restaurants, nice and cozy places and cafés; also, it is the city of monuments, great museums and palaces that take you on a fascinating journey through the history of Iran.

The combination of these factors has made Tehran a pleasant place that deserves at least a few days in your Iran itinerary. 

Here are some factors that have made Tehran a popular destination:

  • You can see a charming integration of traditional Persian architecture with western influences in the Golestan Palace, the oldest historical monument of Tehran. 
  • Tehran has a museum for Archaeology and history lovers. In the national museum, they can trace the history of Iran from the  Stone Age to the 20th century.

The view of Tehran from the Tabiat Bridge is superb. It connects the Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park and provides you apleasant space to relax .

Last Words

Tehran City lost in modernity, smoke and crowd has caused many of it residents not to be aware of its various places worthy of seeing. Many people even do not think of being capable of obtaining something as souvenir, from Tehran.

Tehran in a Glance


8.3 million


574 km2


Northern center of Iran


5262 Meters


Cold semi-arid ( BSk)

Avg Annual Temprature

29.3 °C ( July , Warmest ) 2.8 °C. ( January ,coldest)

Tehran Top Attractions

Iran national museum

Iran national museum

An 80 years old museum that is considered the mother museum in Iran’s tradition. It is not only the largest archaeological and historical museum in

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Golestan palace tehran iran

Golestan palace

Somewhere in Tehran and in the middle of a beautiful garden with evergreen trees and fresh climate, sits  a lavish palace that has a long history

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tehran Post Islamic Museum

Post Islamic Museum

A three floor building with six halls in 4000 square meters whose architecture was inspired from the Bishapour Sassanid palace and its octagonal shape. Visiting this museum must be started from the second floor that includes Seljuk, Ilkhanid and the Islamic era

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What to buy in Tehran

(Tehran Souvenirs and handicrafts)
Damavand Apple

Damavand Apple

Damavand Apple is from among highest quality apples in Iran, from various types, including Shemirani, Golab, Shafie Abad, Abbassi, Ghandak, and several others.

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Batik Printing tehran iran

Batik Printing

Batik Printing is a type of art concerning printing on fabric which has been mostly prevalent in Tabriz, Oskoo, and Tehran. In this type of

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What to eat in Tehran

Tehran Top Hotels

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

Howeyzeh Hotel

Located in Nejatolahi Street, the first class Howeyze Hotel is one of top accommodation in Tehran. Although this 4-star hotel opened initially in 1975, it

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Asareh Hotel Tehran

Asareh Hotel

The 4-star Asareh Hotel is one of modern hotels of Tehran situated in Azadi Street. This Top hotel was opened in 2009 and recently renovated

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Saina Hotel Tehran

Saina Hotel

Although the 3-star Saina Hotel located in city center of Tehran, it is actually quite and convenient. There is a BRT station which you can

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