Why Tabriz?

Tabriz is another important city that is located in northwest of Iran and is considered as the center of the Azeri community. It has a long history (around 3000 years) in being the capital of Iran and the first time it was selected as capital was in the Safavid Era. It is the fifth largest city and fourth most-populated city of Iran. It is the sister city of Baku, Azerbaijan , Gaza City, Gaza ,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ,Istanbul, Turkey, Kazan, Russia , Konya, Turkey , Vienna, Austria and  Wuhan in .China. Tabriz is famous as the city of firsts between Iranians and also very famous for its carpets.  Tabriz is the best choice for those who want to enter Iran by ground or train because it is located 310 km southeast of the Bazargan Border and 159 km south of the Jolfa border. Also, this city is the connection point between Europe and Iran by rail.

  • It is located on the historical Silk Road 
  • While major cities of Iran such as Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan are very warm during summer, Tabriz is a good cooler destination for this time of year that surely could satisfy any tastes due to the large number of historical, natural and cultural attractions.

Last Words

In Iran, Tabriz is famous as a city with no beggar in it. Travelling to Tabriz can be a good opportunity to visit best and most beautiful monuments and historical buildings, as well as buying souvenirs and handicrafts from this beautiful and clean city.

Tabriz in a Glance


Over 1.73 million (2016)


190 km2 (70 sq mi)


Northwest of Iran


1,351.4 m (4,433.7 ft)


Humid continental climate

Avg Annual Temprature

24.1 °C. (July, Warmest) -0.9 °C. (January, Coldest)

Tabriz Top Attractions

tabriz amir nezam Qajari Museum

Qajari Museum

Amir Nezam house is another name for this museum. It is located in the oldest part of Tabriz city and covers an area of around 3000

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tabriz El Goli

El Goli

El Goli or Shah Goli is a big pool with a hill in the south and has an astonishing structure in the middle and several old trees around it. Shah Goli

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tabriz Azerbaijan museum iran

Azerbaijan museum

Exactly next to the blue mosque, there is another major attraction in Tabriz. It is the historical and archaeological museum that consists of three galleries, library and

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What to buy in Tabriz

(Tabriz Souvenirs and handicrafts)
Carpets and Rugs tabriz iran

Carpets and Rugs

Undoubtedly, from the most famous handicrafts and of course souvenirs of Tabriz, carpets and rugs could be referred to. Tabriz is even reputable as the

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Tabriz Leather

Tabriz Leather

Tabriz Leather is of global fame and many leather producers in Tabriz are cooperating with foreign companies and produce leather products for export.

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What to eat in Tabriz

Tabriz Top Hotels

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