Why Shiraz?

Shiraz is the city of rose and nightingales, the capital of Persian culture and literature and the land of Naranj (sour Orange), citron (Toranj) and beautiful mansions. It is an ancient city with kind people and pleasant weather, especially in spring. Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities and popular tourist destinations in Iran which besides its amazing historical and cultural heritage, its nice people and friendly atmosphere, has set this city apart from other cities of Iran travelers. Something that can’t be explained and you must experience it yourself! 

Nevertheless, Shiraz has other sights and attractions to pride itself: 

  • The world’s greatest archaeological site and the unique witness of a most ancient civilization (The Achaemenid Persian Empire)   is located [in 57 km of]  57km from Shiraz. 
  • The mausoleum of the founder of the Achaemenid Empire i.e. Cyrus the Great is close to Shiraz. (136 km) 
  • You can have a unique experience of a truly heavenly world in the beautiful Nasir al-Mulk mosque.
  • Shiraz is the home to the tomb of two famous Persian poets Hafez and Sa’di. 

Last Words

Shiraz could be considered as the most important city of Islamic World. The city is famous in all around the world due to its great and peerless poets; and, anybody travelling to Iran will be primarily making a visit to Shiraz.

Shiraz in a Glance


1,700,665 (2011 )


240 km2


Southwest of Iran


1,500 m (5,200 ft)


Local steppe

Avg Annual Temprature

28.1 °C. ( July , Warmest ) 6.0 °C. ( January, Coldest)

Shiraz Top Attractions

Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid) shiraz iran

Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid)

Somewhere near Shiraz in Fars province, there are the remains of an Iranian ancient city that Persians call the Takht-e-Jamshid and foreigners call Persepolis which means “the Persian city.” It is

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Vakil complex shiraz iran

Vakil complex

Each Persian king selected one city as their own capital and improved it during their kingdom. Shiraz, too, was the first capital of the Zandieh dynasty and some of the

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shiraz Saadi tomb

Saadi tomb

While Iranians and literati consider Hafez as a pinnacle of Persian literature, Saadi is known as “the master of speech”; he is famous for the depth

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What to buy in Shiraz

(Shiraz Souvenirs and handicrafts)
shiraz Felt mats

Felt mats

Felt making is one of the hardest and exhausting works. Making felts takes much time, as far as these mats have no warp and woof

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shiraz Yookheh


It is a type of traditional pastry made of a thin layer of pastry dough. Over the dough sugar and cinnamon powder would be poured;

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What to eat in Shiraz



As far as this is not considered as complete-feed, Doimaj is usually made for breakfast or served in afternoon by people in Tabriz. Required ingredients

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Shiraz Top Hotels

Talar Hotel Shiraz

Talar Hotel

If you are looking for convenient accomodation for a low cost, Shiraz Talar Hotel is your best option. The 3-star Shiraz Talar Hotel ilocated in

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Persepolis Apadana Hotel Shiraz

Persepolis Apadana Hotel

The 3-star Persepolis Apadana Hotel located in Marvdasht and this is the closest accommodation to Persepolis ancient site. Thousands of tourists travel Iran to visit

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Eram Hotel Shiraz

Eram Hotel

The 3-star Eram Hotel is located in down town of Shiraz. Therefore, it allows you to access to most of Shiraz historical places easily. The

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