Why Mashhad?

Another famous city in Iran with a long history is Mashhad .It is located in the northeast of the country,  and is around 328  km2 area. It is the second most populous city of Iran after Tehran . Based on the census in 2011, the population of Mashhad is 2,766,258. It is along the famous Silk Road and the main Shia center in Iran. 

What has brought this city such a reputation is  none other than Imam Reza. He is the 8th Shia Imam who was martyred by the Abbasian governor (al-Ma’mun )  in 818.  In that time, Mashhad was just a small city called Mashhad al-Ridha that means the place of martyrdom of Imam reza (al-Ridha) . Now it is the second largest holy city of the world and was chosen by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) as the capital of Islamic culture in 2017. 

Although Mashhad in comparison to famous cities like Isfahan and Shiraz, has no historical highlights it is worth visiting because:


  • It is the home of 8th Shia Imam .I.e. Imam reza 
  • It was the largest oasis along the Silk Road 
  • Mashhad is also known because it is the buried place of Ferdowsi who is the author of Shahnameh, the longest epic poem in the world.

Last Words

In Iran you can hardly find someone who has not traveled to Mashhad. This is probably because of the religious roots that the Iranians have, but if you do not have these religious roots, nevertheless it does not reduce the attractions of Mashhad, and certainly this city can surprise you like the rest of the cities of Iran.

Mashhad in a Glance


3,001,184 (2016)


351 km2


Northeast of Iran


995 m (3,264 ft.)


Semi-arid climate

Avg Annual Temprature

25.0 °C (July, Warmest) 0.5 °C (January, Coldest)

Mashhad Top Attractions

mashhad Ferdowsi tomb

Ferdowsi tomb

Very close and just 20 km from Mashhad, there is a small town called Tus. Tus is known as the city of Ferdowsi, the unique Persian

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What to buy in Mashhad

(Mashhad Souvenirs and handicrafts)
mashhad Barberry


Iran is the largest producer of barberry in the world and South Khorasan province is the largest producer of barberry in Iran. Today it is

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Saffron mashhad


If you ask yourself which Mashhad’s most valuable souvenir is one of the famous souvenirs of Mashhad, We have to answer you that saffron, also

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Rock candy mashhad

Rock candy

Another type of Mashhad souvenir is rock candy. To prepare this delicious comestible, the producers first dissolve sugar in boiling water, then hang a thread

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mashhad Turquoise


Mashhad has been the site of carving and supplying turquois from many years away due to its close proximity to the city of Neyshabur that

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What to eat in Mashhad

Coco Shirin

Coco Shirin

Another famous Mashhadian food is Coco Shirin, which is now used mostly as an appetizer or dessert. This food is made using potatoes, eggs, saffron

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Ashkene Ghorot

Ashkene Ghorot

Ashkene Ghorot is a nourishing and delicious Mashhadian food, which is made using whey, oil and hot onion. Inside this food, also called Kale Josh,

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digeche mashhadi


Digcheh is a traditional and old Mashhad dessert. This dessert is very similar to rice-milk, with the difference that it is cooked more than rice-milk

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Sholeh Mashhadi

Sholeh Mashhadi

The Mashhadian have a very popular and well-known potage called Sholeh Mashhadi. This potage is normally cooked and distributed in religious ceremonies, especially for reception

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Mashhad Top Hotels

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