Why Kashan

Kashan is the city of amazing traditional houses and sharbat khane (houses of local drinks) .An ancient town that is located in the edge of Iran’s central desert and is 220 km south of Tehran and north of Isfahan.  This old town based on the excavations in Teppe Sialk, is one of the oldest centers of civilization from pre-historic ages. 

This desert town with its warm weather is the centre of rose water production in Iran and even the world, and is famous for its carpets and also old houses with architectural masterpieces. 

Umeå in Sweden and Kazanlak in Bulgaria are sister cities of Kashan. 

But apart from all that Kashan has even more.

  • You will see traditional houses in Kashan that you won’t see anywhere else in Iran or the world for that matter. Traditional houses with amazing architecture. 
  • Kashan carpet weaving is world famous. It has been selected as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2010

Although it is located just next to the desert, you can still see one of the most beautiful gardens of Iran in Kashan. A wonderful contrast.

Last Words

At the end, if you are intended to travel to beautiful city of Kashan, you have to know that visiting the whole city takes more than two or three days. Kashan is the so called little Isfahan. You have to at least consider a one week travel to see all the tourism attractions in the city.

Kashan in a Glance


396,987 (2017)


9,647 km2


Center of Iran


950 m


Warm climate

Avg Annual Temprature

33.2 °C. (July, Warmest) 5.0 °C. (January ,Coldest)

Kashan Top Attractions

kashan Boroujerdiha house

Boroujerdiha house

Boroujerdiha house is another beautiful traditional house that is located in  the Sultan Mir Ahmad district of Kashan. Syed Mehdi Natanzi, was the owner of this

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Kashan Agha Bozorg Mosque

Agha Bozorg Mosque

Agha Bozorg Mosque and School building are one of the most magnificent and beautiful mosques of Qajar era in Iran established by Haj Mohammad Taqi

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What to buy in Kashan

(Kashan Souvenirs and handicrafts)
Kashan Carpet

Kashan Carpet

Kashan Carpets are of beautiful designs in a way that many people are interested in them. Even in machine made rugs, these designs are much

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Baghlave is one of original pastries of Kashan used in various ceremonies, events, religious holidays, and even funerals; and, it is provided to tourists as

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What to eat in Kashan

Kashan Top Hotels

Hostel Green House Kashan

Hostel Green House

Kashan is a beautiful oasis city located in heart of Iran historical country. Hostel Green House Kashan is a cozy and comfortable accommodation in Kashan

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Ehsan Guest house Kashan

Ehsan Guest house

Ehsan Guest House is one of the first historical houses that renovated in recent years to provide comfortable accommodation for guests in Kashan Haj Mirza

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Darbe Bagh Residence Kashan

Darbe Bagh Residence

Located in 7000-year ancient city of Kashan, Darbe Bagh Residence is one of historical houses which recently renovated to host guests from all over the

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