Why Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the main tourist cities of Iran with a large number of beautiful attractions. It is the third largest and most populated cities city of Iran and also one of the world’s oldest cities. Due to its good geographical and historical situation, it was highly regarded during different eras but Shah Abbas I, the ruler of the Safavid dynasty, liked Isfahan so much because of its beautiful nature and selected it as his capital after the astronomers informed him that if he stayed in Qazvin (his first capital), he would be killed and so the Isfahan Golden age started. There is an abundance of historical monuments, mosques, bridges and beautiful tree-lined boulevards and it is the reason Isfahan is known as “Nesf-e-Jahan” means half of the world.

So, Isfahan is ‘a -must” city because has much more to offer:

  • It has been nominated as the cultural capital of the Islamic world in 2006 and there are several amazing examples of Islamic architecture. 
  • In 2015, Isfahan joined The UNESCO Creative Cities Network for its crafts and Folk Art. It is the first city in Iran that is included in this list.

Due to having a good level of humidity, fertile grasslands and vast forests, Isfahan province is one of the main provinces for visiting nomads.

Last Words

Iranians commonly say that: “a picture is worth a thousand words!” Do not be content with just reading and hearing. Describing Isfahan and its sightseeing locations are not ended to what has been cited in this or other papers. Undoubtedly, Isfahan is one of the cities in the world worthy of seeing. Surely, the city deserves the nickname “half of the world”.

We suggest you to make a visit to Isfahan, before saying goodbye to the life!

Isfahan in a Glance




551 km2 (213 sq mi)


Center of Iran


1,574 m (5,217 ft)


Cold desert (BWk)

Avg Annual Temprature

28.2 °C (July , Warmest) 2.2 °C. ( January , Coldest )

Isfahan Top Attractions

Si-o- se pol & Khaju bridges Isfahan

Si-o- se pol & Khaju bridges

Si-o-se pol was built on Zayandeh rood (river), the largest river of the Iranian central plateau that has had an important role in fertility, beauty and also the agriculture of Isfahan

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Isfahan Imam squsre - alireza Nazarnia

Imam mosque

Isfahan is the city of the beautiful cyan dome. Imam mosque, too, was built in the Safavid era and is considered as one of the

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Isfahan Chehel Sotoun

Chehel Sotoun

Chehel Sotoun is a large garden of 6700 square meters with a structure in the center which with  its splendid miniature paintings, mirror works, 20 great

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Isfahan -Vank cathedral

Vank Cathedral

Another beautiful attraction that was built during the Safvid era is Vank cathedral. It is located in the Julfa quarter of Isfahan and is considered as one of the must-see

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What to buy in Isfahan

(Isfahan Souvenirs and handicrafts)
Gaz Isfahan


Undoubtedly, gaz is the most famous souvenir of Isfahan. Gaz is not so sweet to be considered as pastry; and, not it does taste like

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Enamel work isfahan


Enamel-work or Enamelling is one of the best and most beautiful Iranian arts. The art is rooted in Isfahan. From among souvenirs bought by tourists

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Poolaki isfahan


Poolaki is the most famous souvenir of Isfahan, after gaz; fortunately, its structure is not as complicated as gaz, and it is considered as candy.

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What to eat in Isfahan

Kaleh Joosh

Kaleh Joosh

This a simple but very tasty food almost cooked in of the all Iranian cities; however, the food is originally from Isfahan. Ingredients for Kaleh

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Isfahan Top Hotels

Khajoo hotel Isfahan

Khajoo hotel

The 4-star Khajou hotel is one of top accommodations in Isfahan located in down town. Therefore, guests can have an easy access to most monuments

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Ali Qapu Hotel Isfahan

Ali Qapu Hotel

The 4-star Ali Qapu hotel located in Chahar Bagh Street which is known as one of important places in Isfahan historical places and many attractions

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Viana Hotel Isfahan

Viana Hotel

If you are looking for an affordable accommodation in Isfahan, Viana hotel is best choice.  You can have an easy access to most monuments of

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Pirouzi Hotel Isfahan

Pirouzi Hotel

Pirouzi hotel is a 4-star accommodation with perfect location to most of Isfahan’s monuments. Although hotel opened in 1976, recently renovated with modern furniture to

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