Many tourists interested in natural and ancient attractions travel to Asian and African countries with the intending to discover new and lesser-known areas, especially in Western societies. When visiting some tourist sites such as museums, historic mosques or old village, maybe you’ve also seen a group of foreign tourists who are fascinated by these wonderful Iran tourist attractions. Here we are going to introduce some of the most popular tourist attractions in Iran.

Iran tourist attractions

Yazd city

Yazd city has one of the most beautiful urban architectures and unique monuments in the heart of the desert of Iran. The city is listed as the first Iranian historical city on the UNESCO World Heritage List and extensive plans have been made to preserve its monuments and cultural identity. This has made Yazd, the city of wind catchers, one of the most spectacular places in Iran, especially for foreign tourists.


Takht-e-Jamshid, also known as Persepolis in the world, is one of the most ancient and most remarkable remains of the Achaemenid era, attracting many tourists each year. Alongside it, you can also see other Iran tourist attractions such as Pasargad, including the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the Dedicated Palace, the Royal Garden, and so on.

Iran tourist attractions

Tehran National jewelry Museum

However, in the heart of the capital, there are also unique tourist sites that attract every visitor. One of Iran’s most prominent iran tourist attractions is the National Jewelry Museum located in the central bank building is home to unique jewelry such as The Darya-i-Nur Diamond, Peacock Throne, Pahlavi Crown, and Kiani Crown. Located on Ferdowsi Street, this beautiful museum can keep you busy for hours.

Shiraz Shah Cheragh holy shrine

Shah Cheragh is one of the most spectacular religious sites in the country, with a pleasant atmosphere and decorated with colorful mirrors and dome and colorful minarets. You should travel to Shiraz for seeing this beautiful monument. You can also visit the Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, the Hafez Shirazi Tomb, the Eram Garden, and the Vakil Bazaar.

Fin Garden of Kashan

Undoubtedly, Fin garden is one of the most popular Iran tourist attractions that young and old enjoy visiting it cause of towering cypress, water fountains that flowing water throughout the garden, its historical buildings, and mansions. Everywhere in this garden, you can visit valuable places such as Fin bathroom, Howz Josh, teahouse, Qajar Kushk and National Museum of Kashan.

Masal countryside

Northern Iran is top in terms of natural Iran tourist attractions, and one of the most beautiful sights can be found in Masal. One can spend the night in wooden huts here, and clouds form a sea of clouds beneath our feet at the time of sunrise.

Visiting the Avisho natural cave, Olesbelangah mountain region, Alenzeh plain, the martyrdom place of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali and dozens of other tourist sites will also bring you good memories of traveling to this region.

Iran tourist attractions

Hormoz Island

Hormuz Island is one of the pristine parts of Iran and the land of spectacular geological Iran tourist attractions in the Persian Gulf. The colorful soil at the bottom of the island and the historical and traditional texture of the villages have made it a cozy and pleasing place for tourists. The Portuguese castle, Moraghebe Cave, Sokot Valley, Turquoise Salt Goddess, and Rainbow Valley all bring you the beauties of a memorable journey.

Final word

Iran’s tourist attractions do not end here, and there are hundreds of other examples that may require research for years such as Siosepol Bridge and Naqshe jahan square in Isfahan. In this article, we tried to introduce you to the most important Iran tourist attractions in brief.

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