Everywhere in beautiful Iran, there is a unique natural attraction that is the destination of nature-loving tourists are from far and near. There may be few countries in the world that have such climate diversity and give it generously to enthusiastic people. Iran deserts are very famous araound the world.

No matter what season we are in because in all seasons you can find unique attractions depending on the weather conditions that make for a memorable excursion with friends or family. If you are looking for a pleasant excursion at the start of spring, you can choose the northern forests of the country and if you are in the cold season you can find pristine deserts in the central parts of the country.

The Iran deserts and its forests are on the list of valuable assets of Planet in terms of natural resources. Knowing them better, along with proper culturalization, can lead to the development of these areas in terms of tourism. We will take a look at some of these unique attractions.

Iran deserts

Mesr desert

There are many deserts in Iran. They are a great destination for desert hikers and nature lovers, one of the best known of Iran deserts is the Mesr desert in Isfahan Province. This area is located 45 kilometers east of Jandagh and 60 kilometers north of Khor and it is also known as the Daryaie-e Shen (Sea of Sand) desert. Dunes, beautiful villages, canebrakes and many recreational amenities such as motor-riding and camel-riding are among the tourist sites of the Mesr desert.

Maranjab desert

Maranjab desert is one of the most spectacular areas in the Iran deserts located on the outskirts of Aran and Bidgol in Isfahan province. It will give you a unique experience visiting the Shah-Abbasi inn, historical hand-dug well, Salt Lake, Sargardan Island and hiking on the golden sands. The area is also rich in vegetation and animal species and has many beauties.

Iran deserts

Zardgah village

Iran deserts are not always as dry and barren as they seem from afar, and in their hearts, there is a lot of prosperity and greenery. One of the most fascinating of these areas is Tabas County in South Khorasan province that it can be found dozens of unique attractions there, including Cal Jenny, Morteza-Ali spring, Esfahak Village and Izmigan Village. Zardgah Village is also one of the most spectacular parts of this area, where one can see many palm trees and verdurous plants in the heart of the desert.

The attractions of this part of the desert are so beautiful that every year it attracts a large number of enthusiasts in the form of off-roading groups and overnight camps. If you’re going to experience verdurous forests of palm trees, oranges and sour oranges in the heart of the desert in Iran, Zardgah will be your favorite area.

Matinabad Camp

If you haven’t experienced traveling to arid and desert areas in Iran and you want to experience the desert without much hardship, Matinabad Desert Camp can be a good choice for you.  This area, as the first natural camp or eco-camp in the heart of the desert in Iran, is located 2 kilometers southeast of Kashan and there are modern amenities in it that can be interesting of its own way.

Final words

A list of Iran deserts worth visiting doesn’t end only a few cases. If you are looking for more attractions, you can find dozens of unique areas in hot and dry regions in Iran that provide you new attractions for weeks and months.

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