Tehran, the capital city of Iran with an area about 730km2 is one of the biggest cities in west Asia and 27th big city in the world. Population of the city is about 13 millions during days, and about 9 millions at nights. The city located in south part of Alborz Mountains has been one of the villages in big Ray City about 200 years ago. It is told that history of residing in Ray City goes back to 5000 BC. Here, we are intended to make you familiar with Tehran tourist attractions, as a historical and also modern city.

Tehran tourist attractions

Tehran Tourist Attractions

There are numerous tourist attractions in Tehran. In continuation, some of the most important Tehran tourist attractions will be introduced.

Azadi Tower

One of the biggest squares in Tehran is Azadi Square at the center of which Azadi Tower is located with 48m height, as a symbol of Tehran. The tower primarily called Shahyad has been built during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and is considered as one of the most spectacular Tehran tourist attractions. This historical square is located in the oval courtyard with hexagonal green space.

Milad Tower

Second symbol of Tehran is Milad Tower as the tallest tower build in Iran. This telecommunication tower has 13km of built up area almost observable from any place in Tehran. Milad Tower is by itself an important Tehran tourist attraction due to services rendered there as welfare services, tourism services, provision of several conference halls, and beautiful perspective. The tower at south part of Shahrak-e Gharb neighborhood and north part of Kooye Nasr is located in District 2 of Tehran.

Milad Tower Tehran tourist attractions

Vali-e Asr Avenue

Vali-e Asr Avenue will be surely not ignored during a tour in Tehran. This beautiful avenue has been started to be constructed since 1300 SH. Since the avenue has been constructed during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi, it has been primarily named Pahlavi Avenue. During first months after Islamic Revolution of 1979 and for a while the avenue has been named Mosaddegh; however, finally its name has been changed to Vali-e Asr (AJ).

As one of the greatest Tehran tourist attractions,It is the longest avenue in Tehran and the Middle East with 9.17km length from Rah Ahan Square in south part of Tehran to Tajrish in north part of Tehran. There are many places to see alongside the avenue including Mellat Garden, Saie Garden, and City Theater of Tehran. Primarily, the avenue has had more than 60 plantains planted in both sides of it; however, from these numbers nowadays only 8000 plantains have remained. The avenue has been nationally registered in December, 2011.

Old Bazaar of Tehran

Bazaar of Tehran is one of the most important Tehran tourist attractions; and, it is an old market with special architecture that affects Tehran tourists with strange moods. Tehran Bazaar is date back to Qajar era; and, it has been nationally registered in 1977.

This historical complex has unique and beautiful halls, markets, minimarkets, timche, and corridors. Choosing this old and historical bazaar for a tour in Tehran, you have to eat in famous and unique restaurants there that serve Chelo Kabab. It goes without saying that Tehran Bazaar in Moharram Mourning Days presents you with another interesting and special blaze.

Old Bazaar of Tehran Tehran tourist attractions

Last Words

For a tour in Tehran, you can select different destinations to visit based on your interests. Tehran tourism attractions are from different types such as artistic, religious, historical, and natural environments. Some of the other Tehran tourist attractions are Darakeh, Darband, Iran Miniature Garden, Tochal, 30th of Tir National Museum, Garden of Birds, Museum of Jewelries, National Botanical Garden, Saad Abad Palace, Niavaran Palace, and Golestan Palace.

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