Vakil complex shiraz iran

Each Persian king selected one city as their own capital and improved it during their kingdom. Shiraz, too, was the first capital of the Zandieh dynasty and some of the structures and sites were built by the founders of this kingdom. 

Arg, Bath, Mosque and Bazaar are the highlighted sites of Shiraz that are constructed by Karim Khan Zand,the king of the Zand dynasty. 

Arg kharim khani, karim khan citadel or karim khan castle  was the residence of Karim khan and also his military services .so, it has a mixture of both residential and military architecture. It covers an area of 4000 square meters and consists of four high walls connected by four round brick towers. Aga Kharim Khani asked the best Iranian architects of that time and he imported the best materials from other cities and even abroad. 

 It was also used as the governor’s seat in the Qajar era and as a prison after this dynasty .  Many of its miniatures and paintings were covered over by plaster. 

Vakil mosque just next to the entrance of Vakil bazaar, is another site that has been laid down from the Zandieh dynasty. It is built on 8660 square meters and in spite of all other mosque that has four iwans, has two northern and southern ones . The tiles have been used in decorating courts and the iwans were originally locally known as “shirazi haft rangi“. Something that is is considered a masterpiece  is its minibar that is made of only one green marble piece.   

The entire mosque was renovated during the Qajar era and many beautiful floral tiles were used to decorate it. 

The Vakil bath is a traditional and historical public house. Generally public baths (hammam) in Iran  comprise of an entrance, a cloakroom , a mini door and a hot chamber or garm khane and sometimes a pool in an octagonal shape that  has a surrounding channel for washing feet. But this bath has another part too,  known as a Shahneshin which means the king’s place . 

What has added to the importance of this site is that the best and most advanced architectural styles of that time have been used in constructing it . For example, to prevent cold coming into the bath and to keep heat in, a low entrance was made comprising  a slope below ground level that leads to the Hashti (vestibule) as well as an angled entrance to the cloakroom.

In addition to the interesting and impressive architecture, its beautiful tiles colored in turquoise and in a kaleidoscopic pattern of Persian dome-style ceiling adds to the irresitible grandeur of this bath. 

Vakil bazaar Karim khan selected Shiraz as his capital and to improve the status of his capital as a trading center, built this market. It is a long-roofed traditional bazaar with  caravanserai, courtyards and old shops that are the main hub for selling handmade  handicrafts, carpets, spices ,textiles in a vibrant atmosphere . Passing through its long winding lanes you will enter a courtyard with a small pool in the middle and handicraft shops full ofcolorful goods.