Nasir-ol- molk mosque shiraz iran

We Iranians believe the mosque is the home of god and so when you step into a mosque, you are the guest of the lord. Here too is the house of god, where he is waiting to welcome you in a space Illuminated by his natural Chandeliers.  This is a gorgeous celebration of light and colour and offers his guests a totally spiritual atmosphere to forget life and its challenges for a while. 

Every morning when the sunlight comes through the stained glass to the hall, an incomparable hypotic beauty is revealed. .Due to this, it has several names such as the “pink mosque”, the “mosque of colors”, the” Rainbow mosque” or the “kaleidoscope mosque”. 

The beauties of this elegant mosque aren’t limited to the dance of colors in the morning ; here you will see the most exquisite colored tiling in deep blue and pink, a very round dome glittering in an eye-catching  turquoise color and an exceptional architecture. 

Koach ,the Japanese photographer who has visited this mosque and been astonished by its beauties ,says : 

You can only see the light through the stained glass in the early morning. It was built to catch the morning sun, so that if you visit at noon it will be too late to catch the light. The sight of the morning sunlight shining through the colorful stained glass, then falling over the tightly woven Persian carpet, is so bewitching that it seems to be from another world.

Even if you are the world’s least religious person, you might feel your hands coming together in prayer naturally when you see the brilliance of this light. Perhaps the builders of this mosque wanted to show their “faith” through the morning light shining through this stained glass.

One of the Qajar dynasty rulers, Mirza Hassan Ali Nasir Al-Molk ordered its construction in 1876 and it took around 12 years to complete.