Ancient Iran (Pre-Islamic ) Museum tehran iran

The main building was designed by André Godard, the French architect and built by two Iranian architects,  Abbas Ali and Morad Tabrizi. The entrance gate of the museum was built in the style of the Taq-e- Kasra, a Persian monument that belongs to the  Sassanid-era; also, all bricks are used in this structure are in dark red that recall the architecture of the  Sassanid dynasty. So, it can be said that the design and plan of the museum has a good complement with its monuments .It also represents the history and art of Iran in a good light. It comprises of two “Pre-history” and “History” Museums in three halls in which are kept some rare medieval textiles, rug pieces and archaeological relics beside the oldest artifacts of museums that are found from the Ganj Par and Kashfrud sites and which  belong to the Lower, middle and upper Paleolithic and also, Neolithic, chalcolithic, early and late Bronze Ages, Iron Ages I-III, through the Median, Achaemenid, Seleucid, Parthian, and Sassanid ages.


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