Located in southwestern part of Iran, Ahvaz is the center of Khuzestan province. Warm and pleasant like its people, Ahvaz and its nearby cities are some of the hot centers of Iranian ancient civilizations just by the side of The Karun River, the only navigable river in Iran, and the base of the excursions to several marvelous historical sites nearby, such as Elamite ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil nearby Susa, Shushtar Historical Hydraulic Systems and so much more to visit.

Some of the most important factors that make Ahvaz, one of the places in Iran visit’s wish list. Existence of nearby city of Susa as the capital of The Elimites & The Achemenians.

To visit the magnificent Elimite Ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil, the biggest one in Middle East. Having astonishing Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System.

And Karun river, the only navigable river in Iran and its bridges. Ahvaz and nearby Tourism highlights

Choghazanbil Ziggurat: 80km north of Ahvaz in the middle of vast sugar cane farms located a great Elimite ziggurat which was built about 1250 BC by the king Unash – Naprisha to honor the God Inshushinak. There are about 20 temples all-around the main Ziggurat. It is a 3ed UNESCO’s World Heritage Site of Iran.

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic system: Over 1500 years old, you cannot find any place in the world that contains handmade waterfalls like historical well designed 32 hydraulic mills complex in Shushtar. This complex is a 10th UNESCO’s World Heritage Site of Iran.

Apadana Palace of Shush: A vast complex of several Achemenian palaces which was built by the king Darius about 515 to 521 BC. The significant palace of this complex named Apadana which was finally destroyed by Alexander.

Shush Castle: On the top of Acropol hill in Shush, there is a Castle which was built in 1897 by French archeologist named Zhac Demorgan using Elimite and Achemenians bricks so mane of the bricks have cuneiform inscriptions.

Tomb of Daniel in Shush: There is a conical domed tomb of Prophet Daniel nearby the Shush Castle who lived at Achemenian period and passed away in Susa. It is a sacred place for Muslims and Jews.

Karun River: Originating from Zar Kuh Mountains of Bakhtiari district in Zagros Mountain Range, it flows into Persian Gulf passing 720km through Khuzestan Province and from the middle of Ahvaz city.