Point one: Don’t worry at all and keep calm since Iran visa process isn’t as hard as others say even for special nationals such as American, British and Canadian

The story starts from the time you decide to travel to Iran and start to search about how to travel.

The first step is to get visa and so very probably you will refer to an Iran embassy around the world and ask for Iran visa; they will explain you that having an invitation letter or Authorization number is a prerequisite to getting Iran visa.

  • What is invitation letter or Authorization number?

It is a six -digit number that is issued by ministry of foreign affairs (MFA)  within a special process that varies based on your nationality. By having this, you can have Iran visa stamp in your passport.

  • How can you get it ?

Surf the net and find your appropriate travel agent that is approved by MFA to get it for you. Then send needed documents to them and wait. Needed documents and time for this process is different based on your nationality and you can know more about it here in the follow.

   Its good to know that Iran visa has two processes

Mfa Process
This phase will be done by your selected travel agent as your sponsor and all you must do is just submitting needed documents based on your nationality.
After Mfa issues your invitation letter (Authorization number) ,will send it to You (through your selected agent) and also selected Iran embassy. (You will select your preferred Iran embassy in your application form ).
Embassy process
After receiving your number, wait 2-3 days, then call embassy and check them whether they, too, have received your visa number or not .They will guide you to do some process in order to stamp visa in your passport.

Point one: if the embassy said, they haven’t received your visa number, don’t worry at all .contact us .we will call mfa again and ask to resend the number or our representative will refer there and will fax your number to the embassy personally.

So, let me know your nationality, to tell you your appropriate process:

  • American, British, Canadian
  • Turkey, Azerbaijan
  • Afghanistan ,Bangladesh
  • Other nationalities

American, British, Canadian

  • Iran visa for these nationals needs 25 to 35 working days .
  • They must be within the tour (private or group tour) during their travel to Iran; so, finalizing a travel itinerary before starting their visa process is a must.


Turkey, Azerbaijan

  • You don’t need to get visa, just pack your back and travel.


Afghanistan, Bangladesh

  • Do you have America or Europe residence? If yes, send your documents (passport copy & application form) to us; we will get your visa, otherwise, please refer to Iran embassy in your country and do your visa process.

Other nationalities

  • Iran visa for other nationals needs 5 to 10 working days .


Iran visa upon arrival(VOA)

Except some nationals, others have the option of IRAN VISA UPON ARRIVAL in addition to touristy visa.

Excepted nationalities:

Afghanistan, Africa (not South Africa), America, Bangladesh, Britain, Canada, Colombia, England, India, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, and Somalia

Point two: Those who enter Iran through ground borders can’t get this kind of visa.

  • You know there are different kinds of visa but what we explained is for just touristy visas
  • All nationalities can travel to Iran expect Israel nationality.
  • Iran visa has 90 days validity from the time of issuance and the applicant can travel to Iran during these 90 days for Maximum 30 days.
  • Visa is extendable under special conditions and based on the decision of mfa officer 
  • Your passport must have at least 6 months validity.
  • If you have had a travel to Israel and now want to visit Iran, too; wait for 6 months, then apply for Iran visa.
  • If you father is Iranians, you are considered as an Iranian, too and so no need to get visa. Even if you don’t have Iranian passport , you must refer to Iran embassy, do some process to get it.


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