Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral

It was during war of 1603-1618 between Safavid kings and Ottomans that the cathedral was built. Like always, there was a country or dynasty which wished had Iran as its territory. This time there were hundreds of thousands of Armenians, deported because of war, who established the Vank cathedral in almost 1606 in the neighborhood of Jolfa in Isfahan. The city used to be the capital of Safavid then while Shah Abbas I used to reign on Iran.

It is believed that it were the first Armenian arrivals who built the cathedral.  Then in the middle of 17th century it was Archbishop David who supervised major alterations for designing the Vank cathedral.

Cathedral`s domed sanctuary that resembles to a Persian mosque normally is also seen in western churches. The exterior parts of cathedral are in somehow modern brickwork that in comparison with its interior decoration is plain. Its pen-dative dome has been painted with Armenian motif. Above entrance ceiling has been painted with delicate floral motifs that with no doubt originates from Persian miniature motifs.


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