The Extended Tour of Iran (18 Days)

The Extended Tour of Iran (18 Days)

Tehran, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Golpayegan, Mahallat, KashanIsfahan, Naein, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz, Ahvaz

Day 1: Arrival to Iran /Tehran

Arrival in Tehran. Meet and greet with your guide, then transfer to hotel. Since many international flights arrive in Tehran early in the morning. So, rest in hotel for some hours.

  • We start the city tour by visiting:
    • National Jewelry Treasury
    • Golestan Palace
    • Tabiat Bridge
  • Overnight Tehran.

Day2: Tehran/Hamadan

In the morning we will drive to the ancient city of Hamadan or Hegmataneh that is based on the Assyrian inscriptions, it is the oldest city of Iran and one of the oldest cities of the world. The famous Greek historians - Herodotus – has called Ecbatana as the shining jewel of the ancient world but unfortunately Alexander invasion ruined this beautiful city and vanished much of its importance and wealth. Half day city tour of Hamadan to visit:

  • Tomb of Baba Taher
  • Avicenna tomb
  • Hegmataneh pre-Islamic town and museum

Overnight Hamadan.

Day 3 : Hamadan

Starting another day in Ecbatana to explore and learn more about the life of this old city during its long age. Hamadan besides all its historical attractions has a natural highlight that is very famous in Iran and really worth to visit. It is Ali sadr cave.

  • Ester and Mordkhai tomb
  • Ganjnameh inscriptions
  • Ghorban tower
  • lion's statue

Then drive to Kermanshah, enroutevisiting:

  • Anahita temple in Kangavar

It is the second stone temple of Iran after Persepolis and a good archeological symbol of both Achaemenid and Sassanid style; then drive to :

  • Bisotun town

To visit the largest inscriptions of the world and one of the most important historical documents of the world that has been registered in UNESCO.

Overnight Kermanshah.

Day 4: Kermanshah/Golpayegan

Like Hamadan, Kermanshah is located in mountainous area and rich in both historical and natural attractions. Starting city tour to visit:

  • Tagh E Bostan
  • TakiehMo’avenol-Molk
  • Kermanshah Museum

Drive to Golpayegan Just for having a unique experience of one overnight in its old historical hotel called Arg-e-Googad .It is the second mud brick building of Iran that is located in Silk Road.

Overnight Golpayegan .

Day 5: Golpayegan/Mahallat/Kashan

Drive to Mahallat. This small town has no historical attractions; instead it is famous for its beautiful flower farms and so has called the city of flowers in Iran. Eye- catching flower farms and their aroma that has spread all around the town, besides its springs and spas has made Mahallat ,a nice small town and worth to visit .

After spending some hours, drive to Kashan whichis located on the edge of the central deserts of Iran and is one of the world's oldest human settlements. Kashan city tour will be started by visiting:

  • Fin Garden and bath

As its name shows it’s a Garden with a bath inside it that dates back to Safavid era and its reputation is due to the happening of a historical event .

  • Kashan Bazaar
  • Tabatabaei  & Abbasi House

Overnight Kashan.

Day 6: Kashan/Isfahan 

Drive in the morning to:

  • Abyaneh 

A red village located 50 Km of kashan and is famous for its red hue , special architecture and traditional clothes of its inhabitants  .Another gem that will take you to long time before the current like a time machine . The last destination in fourth day will be Isfahan.

The Persians call it "Nesf-e-Jahan " that means half of the world ,because it has a large number of beautiful attraction and highlights so that could satisfy any taste in different aspects.

City tour of Isfahan will be started by visiting:

  • Naghsh-e-Jahan square.

It is in the center of Isfahan and is surrounded by monumental buildings such as:

  • Imam and Sheykh Lotfollah mosques
  • Qaysariyyeh Portico that is very beautiful
  • Isfahan Baazar
  • Ali Qapu

In addition to these mentioned ones, there are around 200 two-storied arcades around the square that is full of handicrafts and souvenirs and will entertain you for hours.

In the afternoon, walking along:

  • Zayanderood river and two famous bridges of Siosepol and Khajou

Overnight Isfahan.

Day 7: Isfahan

Second day sightseeing of Isfahan will be started with visiting:

  • Vank cathedral
  • ChaharBagh Theological school
  • Hasht Behesht Palace
  • Chehel sotoun,
  • Jame Mosque
  • Flower Garden

OvernightIsfahan .

Day 8: Isfahan/Naein/ Yazd

In the morning, drive to Yazd via Naein to visit:

  • Pirnia Traditional House
  • Rigareh Underground Water Mill
  • Aba Bafi workshops that are in Underground manmade caves

Overnight Yazd.

Day 9: Yazd

Full day city tour of Yazd to visit:

  • Friday Mosque
  • Towers of silence
  • Jame mosque of Yazd
  • Dowlat Abad Garden
  • Zoroastrian Fire Temple
  • Amir Chakhmagh

After all, spending some hours in old part of town that without doubt brings all visitors a unique and memorable experience.


Day 10: Yazd/Kerman

Leaving a mysterious town and the centre of Zoroastrian culture in the morning and moving to another historical city of Iran in which you can visit highlights that all have worldwide reputations. But 74 km after Yazd, there is a very nice place with a fascinating building that had been built by Shah Abbas for Silk Road travelers. The total number of such caravanserai that he built during his kingdom is 999 that just two of them is in circle shape and this is one of them.  Its name is:

  • Zein-o- din caravanserai

Continue our way to Kerman. The same as all other cities of Iran, Kerman too, is famous for its long history and strong culture. Half day city tour of Kerman to visit :

  • Ganj-Ali Khan Complex (Bath, Caravanserai and Bazaar)
  • FridayMosque

Overnight Kerman .

Day 11: Kerman

Full day excursion to Mahan to visit :

  • Shah Nematolah-e Vali Shrine
  • Prince Garden

Then to Rayen for visiting:

  • Arg-e-Rayen

After Bam Earthquake, many Kerman travelers visit Rayen castle . Although each has their own beauties but may help people understand the masterpiece of Bam .

Overnight Kerman .

Day 12: Kerman/Shiraz

After breakfast, we start our trip to Shiraz. There is a long way that will takes around 6 to 7 hours ,but some attractions such as :

  • Fig gardens  in Estahban
  • The Sassanid Palace in Sarvestan
  • salt lake near shiraz

Overnight Shiraz.

Day 13: Shiraz

Shiraz is the sixth largest city of Iranthat was the former capital of Iran, during the Zand dynasty.It is also called the city of rose,nightingales and poets. The tour will be started by visiting:

  • Shapouri Pavilion and Garden
  • The Vakil complex that includes Vakil mosque, Bath, Arg and Bazaar
  • Pars museum

In the afternoon, you will visit:

  • Hafez and Saadi tomb
  • Jahan Nama Garden
  • Shah-e-Cheragh  or Ali ebne Hamzeh Shrine

Overnight Shiraz.

Day 14: Shiraz

Shiraz has more attractions to offer that visiting all of them needs at least 3 to 4 days but today, too, we will select some other highlights such as:

  • Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
  • Zinat ol Molk house
  • NarenjestanQavam
  • Eram Garden
  • Afif-Abad Garden

Overnight Shiraz.

Day 15: Shiraz

Full day excursion to:

  • Persepolis, the ancient city of Persia and the capital of Achaemenid Empire. It was founded by Darius I in 518 B.C as a center for receptions and festivals.


  • Pasargadae, That once was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great .

Overnight Shiraz.

Day 16: Shiraz/Ahvaz

Drive to Ahvaz, city of bridges and famous Karoun River. Enroute visiting:

  • Bishapour ancient city and Anahita temple
  • Stone carving of Tang-e-chogan

Bisapour is located near “shahi” road that had been an important road in connecting cities in that time.

Overnight Ahvaz.

Day 17: Ahvaz

In the morning after spending some hours in Ahvaz and visiting its bridges such as Black bridge, eight bridge and etc ; Drive to shushtar to visit :

  • Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

This remarkable irrigation system dates back to Achaemenid to Sassanid dynasty that is still in use and provides shushtar water. A complex of watermills, dams, rivers, canals and tunnels has made real masterpiece that every visitor admire it. Shushtar Water Structure was inscribed as UNESCO world heritage site in 2009.

Then  drive to Susa for visiting:

ï         Apadana palace

Apadana winter palace of Achaemenid kings was built during Darius period and in 515 to 521 BC. The materials is used in walls are brick and for building columns is stone.  This place includes Talar, Harem, Gate, yards and reception hall.


ï         Tomb of Daniel

It is the burial place of Daniel, the Jewish prophet. After Esther and Mordekhay tomb in Hamadan,

It is the second holiest site of Jews in Iran.

ï         Tchogha Zanbil

 In 45 km of Susa, there is an a 3000 years ancient complex belongs to Elamite empire as a symbol of their art and architecture. It is the world’s oldest existing Ziggurat and one of the most beautiful attractions of Iran that registered in UNESCO on 1979 .

Overnight susa.

Day 18: Ahvaz/Tehran

Drive back to Ahvaz for Transfer to the airport for flight to Tehran. Other places that are listed in must see attractions of Tehran are:

  • The Saad Abad complex
  • National Museum of Iran
  • Glassware Museum of Tehran
  • Tehran Bazaar

So, travel to Iran will be finished by visiting the above mentioned ones. Then, transfer to International Airport for departure.


Hotel list:

  • Three star:
    • Tehran: Saina
    • Hamedan: Aryan
    • Kermanshah:  Jamshid
    • Golpayegan: Arg-e-googad
    • Kashan: Ehsan house
    • Isfahan:Setareh
    • Yazd: Mehr
    • Kerman: Akhavan
    • Shiraz: Eram
    • Ahvaz: Oxin
  • Four star :
    • Tehran: Ferdowsi
    •  Hamedan: Aryan
    • Kermanshah: Jamshid
    • Golpayegan: Arg-e-googad
    • Kashan: Mahinestan Raheb
    • Isfahan: Aseman
    • Yazd: Dad
    • Kerman: Pars
    • Shiraz: Elysee
  • Five star :
    • Tehran: Parsian Azadi
    • Hamedan: Baba Taher
    • Kermanshah: Parsian
    • Golpayegan: Arg-e-googa
    • Kashan: Ameri house
    • Isfahan: kowsar
    • Yazd: Safaiyeh
    • Shiraz: Zandieh
    • Ahvaz: Pars

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation based on the above mentioned hotel classes
  • Driver/Guide
  • Entrance fee to stated attractions
  • Visa process for invitation letter

Excluded from the price (you pay this):

  • Visa stamp fee
  • International flights
  • Insurance
  • Tips
  • Any of personal expenses
  • All meals after breakfast

Important Points:

  1. These rates for two and five passengers are based on double occupancy. For single accommodations, please contact us.
  2. In case any of the above mentioned hotels have no availability, the equivalent will be substituted
  3. These rates are valid till March 20th, 2017

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