• Shushtar Hydraulic System

    shushtar hydraulic system fall

    Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System Hydraulic system has been built in a city called Shushtar, formerly called Adamdun, during Sassanid dynasty....

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  • Vank Cathedral

    Vank Cathedral Exterior

    Vank Cathedral It was during war of 1603-1618 between Safavid kings and Ottomans that the cathedral was built. Like always,...

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  • Chogha Zanbil

    Chogha Zanbil Corner Shot

    It was almost in third millennium B.C. that the Akkadian language largely supplanted Elamite, and even proper names were more...

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  • Vakil Complex

    The Arg of Karim

    Vakil Complex Each Persian king selected one of cities as their own capital and improved it during their kingdom. Shiraz, too,...

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  • The Pink Mosque

    The Pink Mosque

    Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque (The Pink Mosque) We Iranians believe, the mosque is the home of God and so when you step...

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  • Iran Jewelry Museum

    Iran Jewelry Museum

    The Iran Jewelry Museum Maybe you think a collection of luxurious jewelry and gems is awaiting to be admired by...

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  • Iran National Museum

    4,000 Year Old Statue

    Iran National Museum An 80 years old museum that is considered the mother museum in Iran's museum tradition. It is...

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  • Golestan Palace

    Abayaz Palace

    Golestan Palace In the center of Tehran and in the middle of a beautiful garden with evergreen trees and fresh...

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  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

    Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Sheikh Lotfollah, Sadr or Fatholah Mosque is one of the most visited highlights in Iran. A truly...

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