About Us

This page is supposed to be "about us" but it may be better to say "about me”, since it is I that has decided to quit my last job, which was technical manager of a local based tour operator, and launch my own tour company.

I have been in the tourism field, specifically incoming tours to Iran, for around 12 years. Around 8 years of my working experience has been as a technical manager. Besides having the responsibility of business correspondences, I also operated tours and booked services such as hotels, acquired visas, secured drivers, and actually acted as a guide for those who chose us for their travel to Iran.

I graduated from the university in 2001 majoring in English translation. At the time, I would have liked to continue my studies, but due to personal reasons, I decided to find a job first and then apply for my Masters later; although that never reached fruition.

During the first five years after graduation, I taught English and did freelance translations until I started activities in national oil and gas for around two years. Then came the time I lost my father and I took a leave of absence. Since that time I couldn’t return to my job due to local customs, and so, it was lost.

At the time, it seemed like nothing but bad was happening but as a result I began to attend tourism courses. Finally after a six month course, I graduated with top grades, and because of this I was introduced by the institute to one of the leading tour operators which led to my life in the exciting field of tourism.

Honestly, I always liked to be in contact with other people from around the world, getting to know them and their ideas, beliefs and lifestyles. For me it was something I had enjoyed prior to obtaining my current business goals which had motivated me in this field.

I worked hard at my job and so during my experience, I was nominated as the best technical manager for two terms.

I have my own ideas, I believe that no border can limit the people of the world. Something beyond these lines connects us all. We must be kind with each other and respect our differences. We must ignore existing borders and experience other people and cultures so as to know them close up and personally.

For these beliefs, after 12 years working as a staff member, I have decided to launch my own tour business with my own policies and strategies.

I also, have visited other cities such as Istanbul, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona and Tokyo and attended the leading tourism fairs such as ITB , FITUR and JATA with the aim to improve my knowledge about people’s taste so that I could satisfy them in the best possible way.

To this regard, I know my education will never be complete because there are always new people with new tastes, but I look forward to your kind advice so that I might evolve my strategies to provide the best experience.

Beforehand thank you for visiting my site, for your time and kindness, and for sharing your ideas with me.